Our Work

Modern slavery arises as a result of economic, social, cultural, and legal conditions that create a state of vulnerability. Our programs help communities end these conditions that allow modern slavery to exist.

Global Strategic Plan

Climate change, migration, conflict, poverty, discrimination, and economic globalization all have local impacts. Our strategy will help community leaders to build resilience to these global pressures, and resist traffickers who target the vulnerable. Our plan is to align the anti-slavery movement with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and help local commuinities and neighborhoods chart paths toward freedom by ending – at a local level – the conditions that allow modern slavery to exist. Learn more >

Community Liberation Model & Toolkit

There’s compelling evidence that the Free the Slaves strategy works: entire communities break free and stay free. Our challenge now is to scale-up from pilot projects to achieve true global reach, bringing freedom to thousands of communities, returning dignity to people currently trapped in dehumanizing brutality. Learn more >

Policy Advocacy

Governments should be leading the way in the eradication of slavery. Why? Because they’ve already promised to end it. Every country has enacted laws banning slavery. But passing a law and enforcing it are different challenges. Free the Slaves speaks to the powerful on behalf of the powerless, to move those with resources to take action. Learn more >

Where We Work

Our targeted and tailored partnerships, training, and technical assistance equip grassroots organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to respond to gaps in modern slavery responses, from the community to the national level. Learn more >