Movement Building

Free the Slaves helped create the modern abolition movement, and we’re at the forefront of shaping its future. We convene anti-slavery leaders to chart new strategies, we support survivor activists, and we ensure that ending slavery is a key part of the world’s human rights agenda.

Freedom From Slavery Forum

Each year, Free the Slaves helpes convene leaders from around the world to reflect on the state of the anti-slavery movement and chart the future of anti-trafficking work. The annual gatherings build unity and momentum. Learn more >

Elkes Impact Awards

These awards celebrate those who took risks and showed courage in working in difficult conditions, including with very little or no financial resources. The awards go to those who put their community first and spared no effort in eradicating modern slavery. Through these awards, we recognize their dedication, raise their organizational profile, and celebrate their grassroots impact. Learn more >

Survivor Engagement

They’ve lived through unspeakable abuse and humiliation. Hear in their own words what slavery is like – physically and psychologically. They also risk their safety to help others escape bondage and retake control of their lives. Hear their harrowing tales of escape, joyous stories of freedom, and inspiring activism to help others. Learn more >

Coalitions & Affiliations

Slavery does not exist in a vacuum. It is often a symptom of other social and economic problems. In turn, slavery can make those problems even worse. That’s why Free the Slaves works to identify common cause with other organizations, to build a shared agenda that amplifies our work and enhances the work of others. Learn more >