Training and Capacity Building

At the heart of our strategy for achieving global impact lies a commitment to empower communities through knowledge, collaboration, and change.

To achieve this, we advocate for the broad application of our Community Liberation Model & Toolkit, ensuring communities most affected by slavery benefit from our proven, field-tested approach.

Community Liberation Model:

A Proven Pathway

Our toolkit is a culmination of extensive experience, presenting the requisite knowledge, skills, and practices needed to transform communities. With its structured approach, we equip organizations to challenge the very conditions that perpetuate modern slavery.

Module 1 - Empowering At-risk Communities

This module fosters an understanding of rights and safe migration practices, and challenges societal norms that perpetuate exploitation. With a hands-on approach, it provides tools for community engagement, encouraging protective behaviors and the formation of anti-slavery committees.

Module 2 - Survivor Care and Reintegration

This section equips participants to recognize signs of slavery and determine appropriate responses. Furthermore, it offers insights into trauma-informed care, ensuring survivors receive the support they need. Participants also gain access to tools that help track survivor progress.

Module 3 - Fortifying the Rule of Law

With a deep dive into human trafficking policies, this module provides tools for policy analysis and advocacy. It is instrumental in training key stakeholders, such as law enforcement and the judiciary, in recognizing and addressing slavery, while ensuring justice for survivors.

Module 4 - Securing Essential Services

This module emphasizes the importance of collaboration. By establishing partnerships between anti-slavery and relief organizations, it provides frameworks for integrating anti-slavery initiatives into broader development programs, ensuring survivors and at-risk communities have access to essential services.

When implemented together, these modules pave the way for holistic and enduring change.

Join An Upcoming Training Session

We are proud to regularly conduct these essential in-person trainings around the world in a multi-day workshop format. These workshops are specifically tailored for NGOs that are on the front lines of the fight against modern slavery. These immersive sessions are designed not only to educate but also to catalyze effective, systemic action in communities most affected by this scourge.

If you’re an NGO interested in receiving this invaluable, hands-on training, we invite you to get in touch with us. Your commitment could be the tipping point in the fight to eradicate modern slavery in your community.

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