Elkes Impact Awards

Nominations Opening Soon

The Elkes Impact Awards serve as a beacon of recognition for local survivors and grassroots organizations that are heroes in the anti-slavery movement. These awards are not just a spotlight; they’re an inspiration, encouraging outstanding individuals and groups to continue their pivotal work.

Founded in the spirit of visionary leader Dan Elkes, the awards complement the objectives of the Freedom from Slavery Forum, which aims to bolster the grassroots anti-slavery movement. The Forum focuses on fostering collaboration between key actors to identify and implement practical solutions to eradicate slavery globally.

Award Categories

Most Impactful Survivor Advocate Award

This award recognizes a survivor who has used their experiences to bring about meaningful change. Criteria include efforts to educate communities, proven advocacy records, and the ability to lead effective anti-slavery initiatives.

Most Impactful Community-based Organization Award

This award celebrates an organization that has made a significant local impact despite facing numerous challenges, including limited financial resources. Criteria include innovative approaches to anti-slavery initiatives, demonstrated leadership, and collaborative engagement with local stakeholders.


Cash Prize

Recognition as an Anti-trafficking Movement Ambassador

Skills-building Opportunities

Stay tuned for announcements about our upcoming nomination period. We encourage everyone to consider potential candidates who have made extraordinary contributions to the anti-slavery movement. Detailed criteria for nominations and the nomination form will be available soon.

Past Award Winners

While we await the new round of nominations, we celebrate our past winners, such as Grace Kalekye Mwangangi, who received the Most Impactful Survivor Advocate Award, and the Survivor Network of Cameroon, winner of the Most Impactful Community-based Organization Award. Their indomitable spirits and substantial contributions have set the bar high, and we look forward to discovering our next champions.

Grace Kalekye Mwangangi

My name is Grace Kalekye, and I am a passionate advocate against human trafficking and modern-day slavery. In 2022, I had the honor of being elected as the most impactful Survivor Advocate by the Elkes Impact Award and Free the Slaves. I was recognized for exposing the hidden sex trafficking trade that was occurring in India, affecting not only myself but also many other young women from Africa. Through the support of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), I was able to share my story and shed light on this issue, which ultimately led to my return to my home country. You can watch the BBC documentary that includes my story here: https://youtu.be/0vDe6rUFs90

My journey began when I left my country to pursue my dreams of becoming a dancer in India. However, I found myself trapped in a world of sex trafficking, forced into a life I never imagined. With the help of a friend from the BBC, I reached out for assistance, and together we worked tirelessly to ensure my safe return. This experience ignited a fire within me to fight against human trafficking and to protect others from falling victim to this cruel trade.

Survivor Network of Cameroon

The winner of the Most Impactful Community-based Organization Award is the Survivor Network of Cameroon. The Survivor Network’s objectives include: rescuing enslaved individuals; sensitization campaigns against human trafficking and modern slavery; and, reintegrating survivors into their societies. The Survivor Network is involved in advocacy efforts, vocational training, and has started to give seed capital to survivors to start small businesses. The Survivor Network of Cameroon was selected for its passionate efforts in advocating against human trafficking and dedication to rehabilitating survivors of modern slavery. The Network truly put their community first and spared no effort in eradicating modern slavery. Through this award, we recognize their dedication, raise their organizational profile, and celebrate their grassroots impact.