Stop Modern Slavery Before It Starts

50 million people are enslaved today. You can help us free them and end the conditions that allow modern slavery to exist.

Modern slavery is a result of social, cultural, and political conditions that make people vulnerable. Poverty, war and conflict, migration, lack of access to basic human rights, and many other related factors create conditions where the powerful have the opportunity to oppress and exploit the weak.

To end slavery, those most vulnerable to slavery must have the knowledge and resources they need to protect themselves and their communities.

To end modern slavery and the conditions that make people vulnerable we are:

Building a Movement

We are building a movement focused on ending modern slavery. We support and collaborate with communities, professionals, organizations, and governments to eliminate the conditions that cause modern slavery through our survivor networks, the Freedom from Slavery Forum,  anti-slavery coalitions, and Alliance 8.7.

Influencing Policymakers and Advocating for Change

Free the Slaves advocates for the needs of marginalized populations by engaging with governments, United Nations alliances, and international journalists, and anti-trafficking coalitions to advise policymakers on creating and implementing policies that will eliminate the conditions that allow modern slavery to flourish.

Engaging with Communities

We engage and mobilize local communities to protect and care for those who are most vulnerable by  developing partnerships, providing services and training and initiating collaborative research.

Continually Learning

We are continually learning and working to improve the effectiveness of our programs and approaches. We believe an evidence-based approach is essential to ending slavery so we collaborate with local communities, organizations, and researchers to learn more about modern slavery and how to effectively eliminate the conditions that allow it to exist.

This Week at FTS

Free the Slaves Welcomes New Board Members

Free the Slaves is grateful to welcome Fanta Toure-Puri and Moninda Marube to our board of directors.

Celebrating Freedom – 19 Human Trafficking Survivors Returned to Their Families in Nigeria.

A collaborative effort between multiple organizations and the governments of Senegal and Nigeria results in 19 women and children returning to their families in Nigeria.

Community Liberation Training in India

Currently, more than 50 million people are afflicted by modern slavery, and millions more are at risk. It is vital that effective community-based methods be brought to scale as rapidly as possible.

The Journey Home: 16 Survivors Repatriated to Nigeria

Free the Slaves and our implementing partner, La Lumiere, successfully reintegrated 16 survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation back to Nigeria. The successful return of these survivors to their homes is the first repatriation as part of the Program to Address...

Learning From NGOs’ Approaches to Modern Slavery in Southeast Asia

Upon surveying civil society organizations across Southeast Asia, Free the Slaves has published a report, ‘Learning from NGOs’ Approaches to Modern Slavery in Southeast Asia’. Groups working to counter modern slavery in this region and beyond can learn from FTS’s...

12 Women are Free from Slavery

Twelve Nigerian women are free from slavery in Senegal today!  Adaku*, Joy*, Esther*, and Chinara* were intercepted in Fadougou village on their way to what they believed were good jobs in restaurants, hotels, or boutiques that paid a good salary. 

Through thousands of us working together…

People Freed from Slavery

People Educated to Prevent Slavery

Traffickers Arrested

You can help us free the slaves, mobilize communities, care for survivors, and advocate for global action.