Engaging Local Communities

In the fight against human trafficking, local communities stand at the crossroads of vulnerability and change. Many are preyed upon due to a lack of education, resources, and access to social support services. But it’s these very communities that, when empowered, can become the strongest defense against human trafficking and modern slavery.

At Free The Slaves, we believe in the power of community engagement. Our approach focuses on equipping these communities with the necessary training, resources, and mobilization tools. Moreover, we work closely with communities to shift social and political norms that often marginalize and isolate vulnerable groups, making them more susceptible to modern slavery. By doing so, we not only provide immediate protection but also foster long-term societal change, laying the groundwork for communities to demand their rightful human and labor rights. They become a voice that insists on access to the social service support structures essential to reducing their risk of being trafficked or exploited.

Our engagement with local communities isn’t just about immediate protection—it’s about forging a future where communities are no longer isolated targets but are empowered, interconnected units that resist slavery. This grassroots approach doesn’t just change individual lives; it starts a ripple effect that fortifies an entire nation and region against the menace of human trafficking.

Learn About Our Community Engagement Strategies

Local Partnerships and Services

Discover how our collaborations with local entities are reshaping communities, liberating and rehabilitating victims, and eradicating conditions that foster modern slavery.

Training and Capacity Building

Learn more about our Community Liberation Model & Toolkit that aims to empower organizations and communities.