Gold mining is a source of income and foreign exports for Senegal. But it also fuels sex slavery in mining communities. Our goals: reduce sex trafficking and increase social services to victims and the vulnerable.

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Sex Trafficking in Senegal

The Kédougou region of Senegal has experienced a gold rush boom in artisanal and small-scale mining. It is a primary source of income for communities in the region, but it has led to sex trafficking of adolescent girls and young women within Senegal as well as in neighboring countries such as The Gambia, Guinea-Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, and Ghana. They are often lured from their communities with promises of formal employment in Europe or elsewhere, but find themselves trapped in forced sex work.

Our Solutions in Senegal

Free the Slaves has launched a program to reduce the prevalence of sex trafficking among girls and women aged 15-24 in Kédougou and Saraya, Senegal. In addition, Free the Slaves will increase the number of victims receiving social services.

Project objectives:

  • Enhance the technical capacity and coordination skills among grassroots partners to effectively deliver on their mandate to provide services to victims of sex trafficking and their families
  • Enhance the technical capacity and coordination mechanisms among government stakeholders (law enforcement, judiciary, social service providers) to effectively deliver their mandate to provide services to victims and survivors of trafficking and their families
  • Increase knowledge, attitudes, and practices among stakeholders in the mining sector and the public (media, community-level actors, leaders, and opinion leaders)
  • Remove 200 adolescent girls and young women from sex trafficking in the mining sector and provide shelter services to at least 160 survivors
  • Reintegrate 100 Senegalese survivors of sex trafficking rescued by the project and ensure that their families have access to socio-economic and livelihood services
  • Establish five survivor networks to support advocacy for increased access to social and economic services
  • Reintegrate in Senegal or voluntarily repatriate 100 foreign victims of sex trafficking

Our Partners in Senegal

Free the Slaves collaborats with…

  • La Lumière
  • AJS – Association des Juristes Sénégalaises

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