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A portion of proceeds from all product sales go towards our work.

Zazzle Free the Slaves T-Shirts: All cotton, casual fit, men’s and women’s sizes. A great conversation starter.

slavery_sucks_t_shirt-r3896aa77ba764f3e99a25df5879457bf_jg4dk_324 men free_the_slaves_womans_t_shirt-raea4536b205c4d799e926ce7e9ce37c7_jg95x_324

Groundbreaking Research Book: How do traffickers rationalize what they do?

FTS supporters: Use code FREETHESLAVES for 30 percent discount.

Lisa Kristine Fine Art Book: Breathtaking photographs of slavery and survival, foreword by Desmond Tutu.


 A portion of the proceeds from all product sales will help us liberate slaves and end the conditions that allow slavery to persist in the world’s worst trafficking hot spots.