Freedom From Slavery Forum

The Freedom from Slavery Forum is an opportunity for global strategy and collective action against modern slavery. Orchestrated by Free the Slaves, the forum cultivates collaboration, fosters innovation, and centers those with lived experience to strengthen the anti-slavery movement.

Why Is The Forum Needed?

Gap in Collaboration

Despite numerous initiatives, the absence of a cohesive strategy often leads to fragmented and competing actions.

Resource Optimization

In a field with limited resources, the forum aims to unify efforts to maximize impact.

Survivor Inclusion

A unique feature is the active participation of survivors, whose lived experiences contribute an invaluable dimension to strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation of anti-modern slavery efforts worldwide.

The Forum is a vital platform for multi-sectoral collaboration, ensuring that resources are leveraged effectively for greater impact.

Who Attends The Forum?

Civil Society Organizations

To share and absorb best practices and new methodologies.

Survivors of Slavery

To contribute their expertise and perspectives.

Policy Makers

To understand on the ground realities and learn from lived experience experts so they can legislate more effectively.


To present data-driven insights that can guide actions and learn from lived experience experts.


To build connections with civil society organizations and lived experience experts, share their findings, and connect to existing knowledge bases.

Corporate Stakeholders

To learn about the impact of illegal labor practices on those trapped in forced labor, the need for ethical business practices, and participate in discussions on improving supply chain due diligence and accountability.

The Forum’s inclusivity ensures that the full spectrum of expertise and experience is available to develop into for a well-rounded strategy against modern slavery.

The Forum’s Impact & Outcome

The Freedom from Slavery Forum is committed to transcending dialogue to initiate tangible actions that directly combat modern slavery and human trafficking. The collective impact is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a focused, multi-pronged strategy that brings about transformative changes across different sectors and societies.

The Freedom from Slavery Forum serves a pivotal role in strengthening and unifying the anti-slavery movement. Through the Forum, diverse strategies from various stakeholders are disseminated across the movement resulting in a more unified approach. This streamlined methodology ensures that our efforts are both directed and effective. Moreover, by centering survivors, the Forum ensures that their experiences shape the actions of all stakeholders. As a cohesive force in the fragmented landscape of anti-slavery initiatives, the Forum’s role is indispensable in bolstering the collective drive to end modern slavery.