Links: Slavery in the News

Associated Press: Donald Tump files suit claiming copyright infringement by a Lithuanian “Mrs. Universe” pageant. “One of the main thrusts of the Lithuanian pageant was awareness of human trafficking, which continues to plague many East European countries. Participants held a discussion on the topic in Lithuania’s government, which helped sponsor the pageant, and presented a project, […]
August 24, 2010
  • The Epoch TimesA critique of China’s human trafficking policy: “China’s definition of human trafficking is narrower than the TIP Protocol. It does not prohibit forced labor. Also, Chinese law leaves out offenses committed against male victims.”
  • Ace Showbiz: Dolph Lundgren plans to direct human trafficking film: “Lundgren is hoping his time in the spotlight will help him get his own movie off the ground – he has written a script for a picture called “Skin Trade” and is hoping to direct and co-star in the feature.”
  • Foreign Policy: Why doesn’t the world care about Pakistanis?: “Why has the most devastating natural disaster in recent memory generated such a tepid response from the international community? Something of a cottage industry is emerging to try to answer this latest and most sober of international mysteries.”

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