You Can Protect Migrant Workers from Modern Slavey

In a world where migration and statelessness are growing concerns, the risk of modern slavery looms large. It’s an urgent crisis that needs our immediate attention. In communities experiencing poverty, unemployment, displacement, statelessness and the effects of climate change, migration for work and physical safety can be the only hope for survival.

However, migration is often a perilous journey. Many individuals seeking new opportunities become targets for human trafficking, enduring forced labor, hazardous child labor, sexual trafficking, and other forms of exploitation.

At Free the Slaves, our programs are making tangible impacts in the lives of those who migrate and are at risk of becoming trapped in modern slavery. We train local organizations to reach out to communities most at risk, equipping them with essential knowledge to migrate safely and avoid exploitation. To ensure their rights are upheld, we train paralegals to provide crucial legal support to marginalized groups at risk of exploitation. At a global level, we’re fostering important conversations with governments, local authorities, and global organizations, pushing for stronger policies to safeguard migrants’ rights.

Junaid Ansari, a 50-year-old father from Uttar Pradesh, India, who migrated to Dubai for work, was able to avoid being enslaved thanks to training he received from Free the Slaves.

“The only reason I could pressure the agent to arrange my journey back to India was the knowledge I gained from the Free the Slaves events. I will always be very grateful to Free the Slaves and MSEMVS. I will help and support other migrant workers with the knowledge I have gained.” – Junaid 

Your support is crucial as we continue these vital efforts to protect vulnerable migrant workers like Junaid from the perils of modern slavery. You can help us empower more communities, provide essential legal assistance, and advocate for stronger policies to protect those who are vulnerable from modern slavery.

Yes, I want to ensure that migrant workers are safe and free from modern slavery!