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Free the Slaves is one of the most widely-quoted anti-slavery organizations because our activists are among the most respected abolitionists in the world today. We are the media’s go-to source for statistics, context and stories.

Credibility. Perspective. Experience. Eloquence.

Free the Slaves is committed to helping the world’s news media tell the story of slavery and the battle to end it.

Our experts help journalists communicate the human tragedy of bondage and the joyous triumph of freedom. Our staffers are frequently on the front lines when slaves are rescued, and they often speak in the halls of power to advocate for stronger governmental action.

Free the Slaves has also created an extensive library of still photographs and video footage for use by journalists and filmmakers who are covering our organization and our programs. These images include the brutality of human trafficking and interviews with slaves and slavery survivors.

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Free the Slaves experts can provide thoughtful perspective on…

  • The root causes of slavery
  • The impact of slavery on individuals, communities, and countries
  • The connection between slavery and everyday consumer products
  • Effective strategies to reduce and eradicate slavery and trafficking
  • Steps that are needed to expand the anti-slavery movement’s reach and effectiveness worldwide

Staffers in our Washington headquarters speak English and French. Staffers in our country offices in India, Haiti, Ghana, and the Dominican Republic speak English and a range of national languages.


The Free the Slaves visual archive contains hundreds of hours of footage and thousands of still photographs featuring…

  • Living and working conditions for people in slavery and those at risk of enslavement
  • Rescues and raids to liberate slaves
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration of slavery survivors
  • Education and mobilization activities to slavery-proof communities
  • Interviews with slavery survivors and front line activists

We provide royalty-free access to visuals for media outlets that are covering Free the Slaves, our partners, our staffers and our strategies. See our video page for examples of Free the Slaves footage. Contact Communications & Advocacy Director Terry FitzPatrick (see contact info below) for licensing permission.

Reporting and Filming on the Front Lines

Free the Slaves has worked with a wide range of photographers, filmmakers and journalists for visits to interview slavery survivors, document modern slavery, and showcase our innovative programs to end it. We currently work in India, Nepal, Haiti, Ghana, Senegal and the Congo.

Media Contact

Development and Branding Associate Lily Bivins


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