25 Days of Fashion Against Slavery Campaign Begins Today!

Free the Slaves has teamed-up with 12 ethical fashion brands for a one-month campaign to raise awareness about modern slavery and to raise funds to end it. Throughout July, we’ll be bringing you news of special fashion offers that benefit Free the Slaves. You can visit any of the brands at anytime during the month. […]
July 5, 2016

Free the Slaves has teamed-up with 12 ethical fashion brands for a one-month campaign to raise awareness about modern slavery and to raise funds to end it. Throughout July, we’ll be bringing you news of special fashion offers that benefit Free the Slaves. You can visit any of the brands at anytime during the month. Our thanks to these amazing fashion brands who are taking a stand to build a world without slavery:

Bravelets | Bravelets is an accessories brand with giving at their core. The company’s bracelets are meant to symbolize strength and bravery. When you purchase jewelry from the Free the Slaves collection at Bravelets, $10 is donated toward FTS!         

The Brave Collection | All of the jewelry from The Brave Collection is handmade by talented Cambodian artisans who come from underprivileged backgrounds or suffer from disabilities.  The brand empowers these artisans through offering them work in a free, fair and dignified environment, while contributing to the fight against human trafficking.  This month, any purchase made with the code freetheslaves will result in a 15 percent donation to FTS!

Elegantees | Elegantees is an ethical apparel brand that supports survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal through offering them a positive source of income that reinforces independence, confidence and a healthy self-image.  This month, you can help Elegantees and Free the Slaves fight sex trafficking together through your ethical shopping – each purchase made with the promo code FreeTheSlaves will result in a 20 percent donation to FTS, as well as a 10 percent discount for you!

Malia Designs | Malia Designs was created with the goal of increasing economic opportunity for women in Cambodia, as well as supporting organizations that fight human trafficking. These goals are accomplished through the fair trade production of handbags and accessories, which offers Malia Designs’ artisans opportunities for economic empowerment and vulnerability reduction. Malia Designs’ philanthropic efforts take the fight against human trafficking a step further by donating to organizations that fight child trafficking. Over the past decade, Malia Designs and their philanthropic arm, Stop Traffick, have donated over $135,000 to organizations that fight human trafficking. During the month of July, Malia Designs will be donating 20 percent of their profits from online retail sales to FTS when the code freetheslaves is used!

Mata Traders | Mata Traders partners with fair trade organizations in India and Nepal to produce their beautiful clothing. The artisans who create Mata’s products benefit from training and employment, which lead to economic empowerment, increased confidence and a reduction in vulnerability to things like human trafficking and forced labor. This month you can support Mata Traders and Free the Slaves in the fight against slavery through ethical consumerism – shop Mata Traders with the promo code FTSJuly to receive a 10 percent discount and contribute a 10 percent donation to FTS.  

Modify | Modify is a custom watch company that has been partnering with Free the Slaves for the past few months. Shop the FTS collection at Modify to show your support of the fight to liberate slaves and reduce the conditions that allow slavery to persist. Fifty percent of the profit of each purchase from the FTS collection is donated to Free the Slaves.

My Sister | My Sister is an ethical fashion brand dedicated to creating a world where girls and women are empowered to live free from a life of inequality and sex trafficking. The brand partners with local, national, and international nonprofits (like Free the Slaves!) to fight sex trafficking, and in just over a year, My Sister has raised more than $45,000 for their nonprofit partners! Through raising awareness, offering education, and providing employment opportunities to survivors, My Sister is making a difference in the lives of women and children across the world.  

Passion Lilie | Passion Lilie is both a fair trade and eco-friendly apparel brand with a mission to empower artisans by creating dignified employment opportunities. The organization works in India with women from low-income communities, providing them with economic security and a supportive community. During the entire month of July, Passion Lilie will be donating 10 percent of all profits that use the promo code FREETHESLAVES to FTS.   

Purpose Jewelry | Purpose Jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery. Purpose is the fashion brand of the nonprofit, International Sanctuary (iSanctuary), which seeks to tell a story of hope, strength and perseverance. iSanctuary believes that one of the best ways to support a survivor of slavery is to empower them through economic opportunities, education and psycho-social care, so that they will be able to live a life free from poverty and exploitation. This month, you can support the mutual goal of Free the Slaves and Purpose Jewelry to support survivors by shopping the Purpose collection. Be sure to use the code: “FTS” and you’ll get 10 percent off your order. Plus, 10 percent of all purchases will be donated to FTS!

Sari Bari | The company Sari Bari makes and sells beautiful, handmade, upcycled sari products that are all produced by women who have survived Kolkata’s red light areas. Not only do they support these women toward a new life in Kolkata, but the brand also works to reduce the vulnerability of young women at-risk in outlying villages. During the entire month of July Sari Bari will be donating 10 percent of their profits to Free the Slaves.

Senhoa | Senhoa is both a nonprofit organization and ethical fashion brand dedicated to combating modern slavery. All of the brand’s jewelry is individually handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking or young women vulnerable to sexual exploitation in Vietnam. This month, when you make a purchase with the code freetheslaves at Senhoa, you will receive a 10 percent discount and FTS will receive a 10 percent donation! *DC Locals!  Come out to our “Freedom Ride” at the Logan Circle Zengo Cycle on July 30th at 3:00 p.m. to see – and purchase! – Senhoa products in person!

Starfish Project | Starfish Project is a jewelry brand that seeks to provide exploited women with employment in a safe and supportive environment. The women who work at Starfish Project are all survivors of human trafficking and exploitation, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This month, when you click here to shop, the brand will donate 25 precent of the proceeds to FTS!

Can you help end the conditions that cause modern slavery?

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